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LTS Refurbishments

Time & Attendance

From monitoring attendance rates, to hours worked, FASTVEIN™ helps you manage your School, College, University, or workplace like never before.

“I see tangible payroll savings in the order of 2-3%. Our sites are usually about 35 workers; we are saving £400-£500 a week and are in much better control.”

Luke Sanders - Project Manager, LTS Refurbishment

LTS Refurbishment undertake many prestigious and noteworthy interior fit-out projects including installations and refurbishments of apartments, offices and private residences. Being a construction company and frequently running on pre-agreed project costs, keeping track of employee hours is a critical task to ensure that they do not run over budget. We installed a Fastvein™ Time and Attendance system for LTS Refurbishment and immediately they saw savings. Workers who previously 'clocked-in' for their colleagues or over-claimed hours were instantly forced to report their true attendance patterns and in-turn reduced costs.

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