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CCTV Systems

When building CCTV systems, the most important thing is not to compromise on the design and specification as the equipment you purchase will determine the quality of image, and more importantly the quality of the recorded events that may later be required to support investigations or successful prosecutions.

We design, supply, install, and commission, both digital and analogue systems, for both Commercial and Domestic customers, from one camera for simple surveillance to multiple camera systems across multiple sites. We also offer high quality cameras with the latest analytics and AI security features, offering greater functionality and detail.

We offer maintenance contracts, remote monitoring, can takeover existing systems, provide modifications, and upgrades - our team of security consultants are on hand to give you all the help and advice you need to secure your business, home, and assets.

Intruder Detection CCTV

Intruder Detection CCTV

CCTV can be used to monitor properties and detect movement of people and vehicles within selected areas, providing alerts of any activity.

Most CCTV systems now have applications which enable you to access and view your property or business via a smartphone, tablet, or computer, making it easy to check security from anywhere in the world.

License Plate Recognition CCTV

License Plate Recognition CCTV

Used to capture and log licence plates of vehicles within monitored areas, notifying you of blacklisted plates via the mobile app.

Also used for automatic entry to premises, opening barriers, bollards and gates by checking verified plates.

Multiple number plates can be added to the system to recieve alerst when they are picked up, sending notifications directly to the mobile application.

Facial Recognition CCTV

Facial Recognition CCTV

Facial recognition is utilised to detect offenders before incidents occur, alerting you and relevant staff or authorities to the presence of known individuals.

Multiple faces can be added to the system to receive alerts when any are picked up, sending notifications directly to the mobile application.

CCTV Control Room & Monitoring

CCTV Control Room

We can also monitor your CCTV system for you, providing surveillance for any suspicious activity and alerting the relevant person or authorities. This can be 24/7, overnight or just whilst your on holiday.

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