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Remote Monitoring

At Croma Fire & Security, we offer 24/7 remote monitoring for your intruder alarm, CCTV, and panic alarm systems.


We can ensure that your property is always protected. Our team of experts is ready to respond to any alert and take the necessary action to keep your home or business safe.

Intruder Alarm 24/7 Remote Monitoring

Intruder Alarm 24/7 Monitoring

Our 24/7 Monitoring service for Intruder Alarms provides comprehensive protection for your property.


Your alarm system is monitored around the clock, ensuring that any alarm signals are quickly and accurately identified and keyholders are notified.


In the event of a break-in, we can even pass these signals on to the police, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

CCTV System 24/7 Remote MonitoringAlarm 24/7 Remote Monitoring

CCTV 24/7 Remote Monitoring

With your CCTV system being Remotely Monitored 24/7, all alerts on the system are sent directly to the remote monitoring station.

In the event of any suspicious activity or a break in, we can even pass these alerts on to the police.


Paired with a well designed CCTV system with full perimeter cover, suspicious activity can be identified and reported to the police well before intruders have made it into the property.

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